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Download Metro Demo. The download demo page includes demos of Metro LX and Metro SE as well as the full version. There are more downloads listed below.

In order to access the release or pre-release versions of Metro, Metro LX and Metro SE updates via download, registration is required.
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Download Metro 7, LX or SE Demo

  • Runs under Windows or Mac OS X.
  • Save only allowed to a single filename.
  • Automatically quits after ~ 25 minutes.

Download Metro Manual

  • Zip archive contains the entire Metro 6 manual in HTML offline format.
  • Use your web browser to view without need for a web connection.
  • For Metro version 6.2.2 or later, place the manual in the Metro folder for local context-sensitive help.


Download Basic MIDI Editing Tutorial

  • Zip archive includes PDF and 2 sample Metro files.
  • Very clear and easy to follow with many illustrations. (Windows users need to set the outputs of each track and remember that the command key refers to the windows control-key and the option key refers to the windows alt-key)
  • For Metro or Metro SE
    Written by John Jones, Matrix Information Design

Download Two Rhythm Explorer Presets

  • These presets enable SE users to get a much better feel for the Rhythm Explorer.
  • Arpeggiation and other algorithms enabled when selecting a preset.
  • Place contents in Metro SE presets folder.
  • Presets appear in Rhythm Explorer window.

Quick Aux Setup Tutorial

  • Two page PDF file.
  • For Metro or Metro SE
    Written by Richard Schmieg