"In 2 words: impressed - purchased!

In more words: this is the most intuitive MIDI software I have ever tried to use used. It does exactly what I want. I had set up my preferences, recorded a drum beat, soft-quantized it, and played it back, well before the 'time's up' box appeared.


"There was a copy of digital performer on this machine when i got it, and it took me forever to figure out how to get audio into it from the 2408. it was pretty frustrating.i didn't have to do ANYTHING when i launched metro... BANG - the audio was going into it as soon as i brought the faders up on the board. metro is great. thanks again...!" -- Ray

"I've been using Metro over ten years and I will use it the next ten too." -- Ari

"Wow. The legendary amazing Metro support carries on! " -- Brook

"May Metro continue to receive the high marks it deserves. This program can stand as an archetype of a good product with a rich heritage going back to the first days of computer MIDI programs, plus a developer who cares not only about his program but about the needs of the people who use it. Bravo and hurrahs." --Levon River

"Perfect!!! After struggling with all of the other midi apps, some costing 10x more, I downloaded this one it worked flawlessly right of the box. An absolute steal at the price!" -- MacHead

"Incredible value I'm just getting back to midi music after a 15 year hiatus. It cost me at least $15,000 back in the day for just the midi portion of what Metro LE does, I'm still blown away with what my $69 has gotten me. This is my most recommended app ever. There is also a forum where the developer responds to virtually all posts. Simply incredible. All my questions and concerns have been addressed and I have had the best software purchasing experience of all time. Buy this software!" -- brajesh108

"Thanks! Metro 6 SE is awesome and so is your support. I will highly recommend you and your product to all my friends." -- Michael

"merci du fond du coeur pour cette reponse rapide !" -- Jean Luc

"Problem Solved. What can I say? You are the man! Thank you very much for your assistance. It is greatly, greatly appreciated." -- Ben

"This is such a great program and it screams on this G4." -- Larry W.

"Last night it was my first live session with METRO and an Ibook 800 mhz, and usb interface MT4 emagic, it was great, no floppy disk needed at all and metro is very very reliable, impossible to compare it with LOGIC, DP, or CUBASE.... You will change my stage life, and to work with metro is really a pleasure......" -- françois

"Thank you so much for your immediate reply! ... I LOVE this program! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT SIMPLE!" -- AJay


"This is a great example of why I love patronizing small(er) software shops like you and Andrew Stone: Kickass software, frequent updates, and personal email response within 20 min. ... On a Friday night. Good stuff indeed." --Mike

"Thanks for the rapid and informative response." -- Bob

"Overall, I can't say enough good things about Metro. I also own Peak and Deck and Audacity and others, and you accomplish most all of what they do, and sometimes more, and it's far more stable and app than most others." -- Larry G.

"This is quite exciting, as I thought I'd never see Metro in OS X. Thanks for all your help. I wish all companies were like you." -- Rob

"Wow--What a quick response; thanks!" -- Jim

"I am overjoyed that I have finally got my multitrack audio recording situation worked out. I really appreciate the work that you have put into this... the sound is infinitely superior to what I can get with DECK. I'll be sure to post some good reviews of the Metro/EMI combination for those who want to do MIDI and multitrack audio recording. Aside from the fact that the combo now seems to work well, I'll be sure to note the great support. You obviously put in a lot of work on this software. I'm sure you're already aware of how much customers appreciate that kind of effort but take this as another reminder." -- Warren

"Thanks very much - and thank you for creating this excellent software. Metro 6 is up and running beautifully! I was amazed that you helped me so quickly... even in the middle of a weekend. It is so exciting to have this incredible set of tools in our new home... We LOVE your masterpiece! I work with my fiancee Lydia, who is a pianist, composer and teacher. We have used Metro to record and produce her improvisations in both audio and MIDI formats. I am no expert, but your user interface design has made learning Metro quite easy. I LOVE the new OS X version... it makes excellent use of the music capabilities built into OS X." -- John

"I am an owner of Metro 5 (and have been an onwer of all versions from the "Beyond" days. I have always loved your product." -- Tom G.

"OH!!! Remember I complained about the EQ, well, it also sounds like the new software has a flatter response pattern for audio files recorded with analog devices. I was very happy with that. Now I do not have to bend EQ patterns so far to get a good sound on individual tracks. Now whether this was intentional or not, it happened....Thanks Again! This was a very nice gesture. I will get back to you in a few days and briefly let you know  how it's going." -- Billy

"it worked! i appreciate your quick response time
your the most helpful tech support i've delt with
thanks!" -- Tom R.

"That was it! Thank you so much!!! I was a little confused when I first purchased the program, but as I test it out I'm beginning to see what a great value Metro SE truly is. Great product!!!" -- Drumkit