Financial Expert “Paulson’s head should be bouncing down capital steps”

Max Keiser as seen on Aljazeera TV English…

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  1. [...] Financial Expert: Paulson’s Head Should be Bouncing Down Capital Steps Max Keiser (16 Nov 2008) [...]

  2. Richard says:

    Dear Catherine: So glad you found Max Keiser in the internet. Very vocal, very righton, and very outspoken—He has a broadcast due to premier on Nov. 26th called ORACLE-not certain if it is on Al Jaserra or not..Should really tear another a**hole in the corporate banking establishment with every utternance. Clearly we are in a worldwide economic standstill on all fronts…From my point of view there will never be enough liquidity no matter how many infusions the world central banks declare to clear up the massive $1.5 quadrillion derivative fiasco; as you so note: the G20 meeting on Nov. 15th mearly glossed over the situation. The massive deleveraging is taking up all the liquidity within the financial structure. “Let them eat cake” may have sufficed during French Revolution days BUT now we are faced with GM ( genetically modified ) foods which will certainly aid the eugenisists endgame. warm regards ( be aware of an 85% chance of an earthquake in your region during the 12/12-12/13 period ) Richard

  3. jerm says:

    I am not sure that Catherine reads these comments but I would be honored if she did.

    I believe ‘oracle’ is being initially released on BBC.

  4. James Samuel says:

    Thank you! I have helped the spread of this on my blog and the Transition Towns website for New Zealand.

  5. Clay Cambern says:

    What I wonder is this: Back during the last depression, IBM helped the nazis catalog all people of Jewish descent; they serviced the nazi regime before and during WW2, allowing genocide and supporting “the enemy”. After the war, they covered it all up. In all the documentaries about Germany and the Holocaust there is scant (if any) mention of IBM’s corporate activity. Everyone should read Edwin Black’s books — “IBM and the Holocaust”, “The Transfer Agreement”, “War Against the Weak”, “Banking on Baghdad” and “Internal Combustion” for a re-education. Thus back to my point: Following the Holocaust and IBM’s role in it, American corporations (as well as western interests) contracted “economic hit men” to prop up corporate interests all over the world, at the expense of human rights and contrary to constitutional principles of The United States and democratic economic principles as well. All this has never been acknowledged by our government and one has to argue in public discourse to even discuss this truthfully. Is the current economic crisis a result of all of this? Are we all paying a (moral) price today for these “sins of yesterday”? I know this sounds simplistic, and there are many points of view that need to be aired here, but the people of America today seem totally unprepared (myself included) for what is coming. Being lied to politically about the truth of the world economy since the great depression seems to have created a culture of abused Americans — unprepared and unwilling to face reality when there is no other choice and in need of urgent therapy to get back to reality. I’m not all gloom and doom here, and I believe we can all create a better future. But I am sick of the lies. It’s nauseating to turn on the news media these days. The American public is continuing to allow the abuse of truth by our media. It isn’t all bad, by the way, and I think many in the media are aching to discuss these issues. I have a feeling events are going to drive things for awhile, and the media will not be able to continue as usual. I hope common sense prevails, as the future happens, but I worry that the economic stresses are going to overwhelm a lot of people, and unless there is a new kind of leadership which shares in this understanding, things will get unpleasant in ways that could be avoided. If we could get to the moon, if we could implement a Marshall Plan, we should be able to address the current crisis.

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